We were in the process of building a new home and we were shopping for security systems. When we came across Secure Pacific and their Verisafe line, I stopped shopping. Their equipment and customer service has been outstanding. After speaking with the Secure Pacific representative and learning about their hardware and dispatch services, I knew this would be the best security system for our new home....
Jason Barnes, Portland OR

When we first decided to secure our home, we checked with many companies. So many of them are just out trying to sell their name. They couldn't answer our questions. The other companies just seemed to not really care what we wanted...only what they wanted. When the Secure Pacific representative came out to our home, she actually listened to what we had to say. She talked highly of Secure Pacific. She promised us the best service. And at the best price. She kept her promise. One night, actually at 3:45AM, we had a problem with our system. There was a service rep at our house at 4:30AM taking care of the problem....Not to mention there were NO charges for coming out. The people at Secure Pacific are truly concerned about the security of our home. The best system, the best price, the best customer service...Isn't that what we all want? We would recommend Secure Pacific to anybody that wants the best.
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, Bonney Lake WA

My family has been in the restaurant business since 1977. In those 37 years we did not have many break-ins. On occasion we would have a break in and have some theft, mostly beer. We assumed it was kids. They didn't cause much damage and at the time we didn't feel the break-ins occurred enough to warrant the cost of an alarm system. In the early part of 2013 the break-ins started occurring much more frequently and the damage and the cost of the items stolen started to mount up into the thousands. Not only did they cost us money, they started taking documents and at this time we felt they were getting too comfortable with breaking in. We believed the burglars knew the outlay of our establishment and could easily go through and do whatever they liked since they knew we didn't have any type of alarm. The burglars made it personal and we got fed up with the break-ins and decided to fight back and take control of our property. No longer would we sit back and be victimized.....
Nick Damianidis
Open Door Baptist Church has been a customer since 1985, and we have been absolutely satisfied for the entire relationship. Secure Pacific has always been there for us and things seem to be seamless. Not only has Secure Pacific been professional and outstanding in regards to service, they save us money by eliminating false alarms. This keeps our credibility with the local law enforcement agencies and allows for us to have peace of mind that our Church is being protected. We highly recommend Secure Pacific and their product. You can't beat it!
Kurt Kennedy

I wanted to let any potential client of Secure Pacific know that Plateau Shell in Sammamish, WA has been a long time client of Secure Pacific and has had a very pleasant and professional business relationship with both the analyst and other technicians within the Secure Pacific team. They not only assist in routine alarm maintenance in an expedient manner, but also provide insight and advice on properly securing our property. Their on-site technicians are expeditious, courteous and knowledgeable. I can't say enough good things regarding this company and the business services they offer. I look forward to our continued relationship in the future!
Kathie Beutel, Property Manager

I appreciate Jendy Wilmoth and Secure Pacific for all you do and have done for Super Supplements over the years. Most impressive is the vast knowledge of the techs and the quick response from the office. Even though both companies have transitioned to new ownership over the past few years we continue to receive excellent service and attention. Thank you for a job well done.
Cindy Pfeifer, Facilities/Retail Operations