3 Ways Verisafe® Technology Catches Criminals

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  Police response time is crucial to successful criminal apprehension. Alarm verification technology allows for faster and more efficient police response. Our Verisafe security systems use video technology to easily verify whether an alarm is legitimate or false. Once authorities have quickly received information alerting them that their response is warranted, they dispatch authorities to the scene of the crime more quickly. Here are three ways Verisafe Technology aids in faster police response time for businesses in Portland, Tacoma, Everett, Seattle, and Boise. 1. Security Cameras capture evidence– Many businesses and homes rely on security cameras for heightened surveillance. Verification is the counterpart to your security cameras. Oncemotion is detected, your security cameras will transmit images to our Verification Center®. Our highly trained operators assess whether the activity is suspicious and alert authorizes if necessary. 2. Video recording/storage ensures that evidence is accessible – If there is ever an incident at your site, footage from the scene may need to be reviewed. This is where Network Video Recorders (NVR) are important. They’ll store your surveillance videos at your location, and they’re also network accessible. You can login to your personal system and monitor the surveillance video with your computer, smartphone, or tablet. 3. Video monitoring and alarm verification ensures faster police response time – Video monitoring and alarm verification complement each other for successful crime prevention. They’re the most important parts of the Verisafe system. Our Verification System works because it’s efficient. Calls from Secure Pacific are welcomed by the police because they know that the possibility of an arrest is high and that the use of their time is necessary. Average police response time for our verified security systems is often five minutes or less. Verified security puts you in control of your security by cutting down on false alarms, giving you greater access to your systems, and granting you faster police response time. Secure Pacific is the first name in business alarm services, home security, and business alarm monitoring for homes and businesses in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Boise. Contact us today for a free security assessment.