4 Major Surveillance Requirements all Marijuana Shops in Oregon Needs

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  In a few short months marijuana will be fully legalized in Oregon for recreational use. From state to state, regulations for marijuana vendors are different. They do, however, have one major similarity – a list of specific video security requirements. Although these requirements are comprehensive, their purpose is to offer you complete intrusion detection and protection against theft and criminal activity. Here is a basic rundown of the four major surveillance requirements for marijuana vendors in Oregon so you can ensure that your business has a commercial security system that is compliant with requirements.

1. Video surveillance

·         Some of the requirements for video surveillance are:

·         Digital/network video recorders

·         Digital archiving capability

·         System failure notification

·         Video recordings located in a locked, secure area

2. Camera coverage and placement

·         Cameras must be installed in the following areas:

·         All secure and restricted access areas

·         All point of sale areas

·         All points of entry and exit

·         Within 15 feet of all points of entry

3. Video recording equipment

·         Video recording specifications include:

·         All points of entry to or from the facility must be recorded

·         24 hour a day recording capabilities

·         Capable of storing recordings for thirty days

·         Capable of producing color and still photographs

·         Date and time stamp on all recordings

4. Security alarm requirements

·         Alarm specifications include:

·         All points of entry and exit as well as perimeter windows must be alarmed

·         You must have motion sensing capabilities

·         Capability to notify a 24/7 security company that will notify the Personal Responsible for the Facility in the event of a breach

·         At least 2 panic buttons must be installed

  Dispensaries must also furnish the state documentation which demonstrates that the above requirements have been met. They need to include the manufacturers spec sheet outlining the security systems capabilities, and an invoice showing the location and date of installation. You can find the complete list of Oregon state surveillance requirements here. Secure Pacific has successfully navigated these waters in Washington before Oregon’s Measure 91 was passed. Secure Pacific can work with you to ensure that your business is fully compliant with all of the Oregon state laws. You can receive a free commercial alarm system quote for your business in the Portland metro area. If you’re outside Portland, we also serve the Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, and Boise areas. Contact us today for a free security assessment.