A Real Solution: Construction Site Alarm System

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An epidemic of jobsite-related theft is going on everywhere. The only way to stop criminals is to catch them with a construction site alarm system like Secure Pacific's. As the largest private locally-owned and monitored verified security solution in the Puget Sound, we're the experts.

When the job site is shut down for the night/weekend, often only a chain link fence stands between valuable items like copper pipe, wire, tools, generators, power tools and, in some cases, appliances and burglars.

In the past the only option for construction site security was to hire guards to patrol the property nights and weekends. I have been told by more that one Project Manager that they just have to hope they show up and stay awake.

Enter the Secure Pacific Verisafe construction site alarm system as was deployed at a job site in Kirkland area. Completely wireless, portable and needs no power to provide motion viewers that allow our monitoring operator to “verify” what is happening on the construction site. Savings of $1,000’s over the next six months as compared to on site live security costing up to $20,000 for a six month project.

Ending thought: to lock down a site, protect investment, tools, and the property for a fraction of the cost of live security, why would you NOT put this on every job site and know that your site is protected. Verified Peace of Mind provided by Secure Pacific.

Watch images of our system as we deliver verified security and alarms for Washington Complete Construction near Seattle Washington.