Helping Schools Prepare for the Worst : Our Role in an Active Shooter Response Training Event

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Secure Pacific had the privilege to assist law enforcement with an “Active Shooter” exercise at a local college here in the Pacific Northwest late last week.  The event centered on police, faculty, student, and emergency medical response in a time of crisis. Secure Pacific’s role in the event was to provide the high quality color IP cameras and the labor to move the cameras from site to site.  The video recordings of the exercise should provide valuable training opportunities for emergency responders and the college. While no one likes to think about violent attacks at places of learning, it has become increasingly clear in recent years that more preparation is always better when it comes to life-saving emergency responses. Watching the intensity and focus that the law enforcement officers put into this practice exercise was truly inspiring. Our thanks goes out to the law enforcement, emergency medical responders, faculty and students involved in the exercise and we are proud to have been chosen to help with such an important event.