Apprehension: Apartment Complex Burglars Leave in Cuffs

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Who: Operator Minta and Dupont PD What: Two suspected burglars in custody When: July 15, 2013 at 11 p.m.. Where: An apartment complex under construction in Dupont, WA How: Minta was monitoring Washington account when she received a job site security system activation at an entry point of the job site that was quickly followed by another activation. Minta dispatched police and continued receiving video verification trips. The police called back and asked for a responder from the construction company to come to the site. Two men were arrested at on charges for 2nd degree burglary. There were no damages on the site. Curious about the inner workings of our verification process? Since our monitoring station is located inside our Everett office, it’s pretty easy to pass information along. When an operator receives a door, window or motion alarm from a business, home or job site, he or she uses video or audio to verify what’s going on. If the operator determines that a crime or suspicious activity is in progress, she or he dispatches local law enforcement and often stays on the line with them to let them know where the suspects are. Afterwards, police or the dispatcher calls back to the Verification Center and asks the operator for more information or to report what happened. Sometimes they ask to be sent the video footage. After the apprehension is confirmed, the operator sends a text message to the entire company announcing the good news. There’s nothing like waking up to an apprehension at one of our clients! Watch the video below to see the officers cuff the suspects!