Apprehension: Construction Site Intruder Caught on Camera

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Who: Operator Kris and Seattle PD What: One suspected trespasser apprehended When: May 22, 2013 at 5:00 a.m. Where: A construction jobsite in Seattle, WA. How: Kris was monitoring Seattle accounts when she received motion viewer activations from a West Seattle apartment construction site. She could see a faint figure through a window opening. Kris dispatched Seattle PD and then received another motion viewer activation that allowed her to see the suspect more closely. The man looked to be older and had dark, thinning hair and a jacket with light patches on it. A little while later, Kris received another activation from the construction site video security system, which showed officers on site with K-9. While Kris was waiting for additional activations to load, the PD dispatcher called and confirmed that 1 individual was found on site. Watch the footage that led Kris to dispatch: