Apprehension: Job Site Security System vs. Wire Thief

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Who: Operator Michelle and Seattle PD What: One suspected burglar in custody When: June 6, 2013 at 9 p.m.. Where: A construction jobsite in Seattle, WA How: Michelle, a relative newcomer to the Secure Pacific Verification Center, was monitoring Seattle accounts when she received an activation from the job site security system at a large construction site in West Seattle. Through the site’s motion viewing technology, Michelle saw a man pulling on wires. She dispatched Seattle PD, who arrived in less than five minutes. Officers found the man and apprehended him. Apprehending criminals in the act is one of the major benefits of having a job site security system. While fences, surveillance cameras and signs can deter a burglar, they do nothing to stop the suspect once they’re in. While it may seem obvious to install surveillance CCTV cameras, recordings of a crime do not do much good unless they are attached to an intruder alarm system. Our motion viewing devices in our job site security systems do not have the high picture quality of a camera, but they do show us what’s going on immediately, which means that we can get police to the scene fast.