Apprehension: Wireless Construction Site Alarm System Catches Intruder

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  Who: Operator Kris and Des Moines PD What: One suspected trespasser in custody When: May 30, 2013 at 12 a.m. Where: A construction jobsite in Des Moines, WA How: Not long after midnight last night, Kris received motion viewer activations from the wireless construction site alarm system installed at a job site in Des Moines. She could see someone walking down the stairs wearing dark paints and a dark long sleeved shirt. Kris dispatched Des Moines PD and then received another trip on the same motion viewer. She saw the same figure on the landing off to the right hand side of the video coverage as police were arriving. Officers took one person into custody. We truly believe in the value of wireless construction site alarm systems because we see them work. While catching trespassers may not be as excited as catching a burglar in the act of stealing wire, we believe it is equally important at construction job sites. For one thing, who’s to say that a trespasser would not turn into a burglar after seeing how easy it is to enter a site after hours? As a site nears completion, thousands of dollars’ worth of tools and equipment stay on sites overnight. The loss of those things could mean major setbacks and costs for the project manager. Furthermore, even trespassers without criminal intentions can cause serious damage to construction sites by knocking things over, moving important objects or setting the stage for future accidents. Enough about job sites– are you curious how security systems could help catch criminals at your business? Download our free guide below to finding a security company that will work with you!