Apprehensions That Will Make You Think Twice

AdpearanceArrests & Apprehensions

  If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value of video when it comes to security systems. Here are some apprehensions where our video monitoring solutions provided undeniable proof of criminal activity. Having video surveillance and verified response technology, the following businesses saved thousands in terms of property loss, destruction of their facilities, and loss of company time and morale. Creepy Crawly Wire Thieves – October 26, 2014 Two thieves were arrested attempting to steal wire stripping from a Seattle construction site. $12,000 worth of wire stripping was found in the thieves’ vehicle. Because the thieves only got away with vandalizing 2-3 of the cars on the lot out of 12, Secure Pacific was able to successfully prevent another $60, 000 in additional damage. Car Dealership Arrest – March 29, 2014 One trespasser was arrested for spray painting the property of a Bellevue, WA, car dealership. Thanks to the quick thinking of our trained Operator, these vandals were successfully apprehended before they could deface more of the car dealership’s property. Jet Ski Thieves arrested in Kent – May 2, 2014 Two suspects were arrested at a Kent, WA, manufacturing supply company. Here you can clearly see the thief in action, attempting to make off with the Jet Ski. The company was simply storing their property outside and, although the area was fenced in, it was visible from the outside, which attracted the two trespassers. Under different circumstances these crimes would have gone undetected. Because our Verification Center was alerted and our Operators were able to see that there was criminal activity at the scene, authorities were contacted immediately. Authorities prioritized the alert because it had been verified and were able to arrive at the scene in minutes to apprehend and arrest the suspects. It’s human nature to think that you and your business are immune to crime. Yet when you are confronted with footage from Seattle, Bellevue, and Kent, you realize that crime isn’t as far away as you think. Secure Pacific is proud to be a leader in electronic security systems in the Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Boise areas. With an arrest record that speaks for itself, the safety of your home or business is assured. Contact us today for a free security assessment for your facility