Arson Awareness Week: May 6-12

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The United States Fire Administration has pronounced May 6-12 as Arson Awareness Week this year. This year’s theme—Prevent Youth Firesetting—zeroes in on our need as communities and individuals to create actionable plans to prevent arson in our buildings and on our properties. A collaborative effort with emergency departments, communities, law enforcement and property owners is essential to prevent arson and, more generally, fire hazards at large. The U.S. Fire Administration uses Arson Awareness Week to remind all of us of our need to have comprehensive fire protection plans in place that include alarm systems, sprinklers, and escape routes.

Fire prevention and control systems are crucial to any business or commercial property. The speed at which fires can spread, especially at an unoccupied location, necessitates having the best in fire emergency response systems. Fires can start because of arson, but also because of faulty wiring, cigarettes, improper storage of flammable materials, and heat source malfunctions. With so many uncontrollable factors contributing to fire danger, it only makes sense to avail your building and your business of a fire detection system that is the best in its class. At Secure Pacific, we monitor all of our Fire Detection Systems in real-time, including smoke and heat detectors, sprinklers, and pull stations so that we can quickly identify a developing fire and dispatch emergency professionals before extensive damage can occur.

Arson Awareness Week reminds us that information and planning are the keys to fire prevention. At Secure Pacific, we know that implementing a fail-safe fire plan promotes early detection, which is crucial to controlling damage and limiting losses for your business. Promoting your business’s safety and growth means planning for exigent risks and dangers like fire. With our Fire Monitoring System, we focus on minimizing your building’s fire danger risks so you don’t have to.