Be Careful What You Share: Social Media and Home Security

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Do you love posting on social media sites about the delicious restaurant meal you’re eating, the great show you’re attending, or the fabulous vacation you’re having? It may seem like innocent sharing, but if you’re neglecting basic security essentials, you could actually be giving potential burglars tools to target your home. Improving your residential security system is necessary now than ever in the increasingly digital world that we live in. A recent survey of 50 ex-burglars, conducted by a U.K. security company in conjunction with Home Security Week, found that four out of five ex-burglars said they would use sites such as Facebook or FourSquare to find out when residents were away from the house, then use a map site like Google Street View to scope out the location in advance.

What can you do to keep your home secure?

  • Don’t over-share online. Turn off location tagging when you’re posting a status update or a picture and wait to upload vacation photos until you’re back at home.
  • Check your privacy settings. Social media privacy settings can be tricky; make sure you limit your posts to “friends only” and make sure you know and trust all your friends in real life.
  • Install a home security system. Even if an intruder did target your house, the security survey found that 78 percent of the ex-burglars surveyed said that the mere presence of a home security system would have prevented them from attempting to enter.
To keep yourself safe, follow the advice of the security experts at the National Cyber Security Alliance. They recommend the “Stop. Think. Connect.” strategy: Before you use the Internet, stop to be sure you understand any potential risks. Think for a moment about how the site you visit or the information you share could possibly affect you. Then, after you’ve exercised reasonable judgment and consideration, use the Internet to connect with the wider world. If you’re still not sure what you should post, try thinking about posting on social media as the equivalent of hanging a sign on your front door. You would never compromise your home’s security by putting up a banner saying, “This house is empty! Come on in!” So don’t do it on social media, as innocent as it may seem. For a free assessment of your home security, contact Secure Pacific today. We’ll double-check every aspect of your home’s safety and help you find the best option for keeping your home safe and secure. Not ready for us to visit yet? Download our free guide below.