Bellevue Alarm Monitoring

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Ranked as one of the best places to live in America,  Bellevue is known as a great place to be. While it may only be across the lake from downtown Seattle, Bellevue has its own character and merits. Our Seattle-area security consultants and technicians spend most of their days out in the field helping our clients, but they typically start or end the day in Bellevue at our Secure Pacific office. We enjoy providing alarm monitoring for Bellevue homes and offices because we take pride in our community and keeping it protected from burglars and vandals. In addition, Bellevue business owners and homeowners prefer to work with us because we are local and are so familiar with the area. Our Verification Center is located less than thirty miles outside of Bellevue, which means that our operators are better equipped to handle local requests for service than a huge call center across the country. Another advantage of local Bellevue alarm monitoring by Secure Pacific is our strong relationship with police departments across the Puget Sound, including the Bellevue Police Department. After each apprehension, we send letters and certificates of appreciation to the officers involved in those arrests. We frequently receive responses to these letters recognizing us for the benefits our alarm verification system offers to police departments. If you have a home or business in Bellevue and are interested in alarm monitoring, please give us a call. We love meeting our neighbors!