Burglar alarm frustrates business owner, not burglar

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Working for a security company one hears an awful lot of stories about failed burglar alarm systems from victims of break-ins and burglaries. I want to share one recent story I heard because I believe this story relevant to many business owners with a typical alarm system.

One of Secure Pacific's security consultants received a call last week from a frustrated business owner who wanted information on one of our verified security systems. While talking to the business owner, the consultant discovered the business had an alarm system provided by a large company. The frustrating thing for the business owner was that the burglar alarm was set at close of business, but the burglars were able to bypass it and steal from the business.

Further conversation between the consultant and business owner uncovered that the criminals cut the cables to the security system, ultimately disabling it. Even more frustrating for the business owner, his burglar alarm company, never contacted him or let him know the system no longer registered with the their monitoring center.

Needless to say, the business owner fired his old alarm company and hired Secure Pacific with our verified security services.

The majority of our customers have had security systems or what they thought were verified security systems, only to find out after being burglarized that their system was not verified at all.

When listening to a security consultant, it is important to really hear what is being said and keep in mind that monitored systems do not mean they are verified. Most large burglar alarm companies use a callback system as their form of verification. A true verified security company will see and/or hear the crime taking place and notify law enforcement, then contact the business owner to tell them police are on the way.

Secure Pacific is the leading verified security company in the Northwest, providing the best wireless video verification security solutions for businesses and home owners. Our company structure is built on the ability to verify a crime in progress and send police.

We truly catch the bad guys. In 2011, our “Verification Center®” assisted local law enforcement with apprehending 257 criminals and so far in 2012 we have assisted in 43 apprehensions. All we do is “Verified Security”.

I cannot promise a business owner that if you are using a Secure Pacific Verified Security System, criminals won't attemp to burglarize your establishment, but what I can promise you is … if you are one of our customers, you will have a better chance of seeing the criminal in handcuffs and behind bars than if you are not a Secure Pacific Customer.