Business Burglar Alarms: We Have You Covered with Verisafe® Solutions

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As a business owner, you’re often looking at the big picture and thinking of new ways to maximize resources in order to grow your business. With a constantly growing to-do list, taking steps to simplify and streamline business processes can be beneficial for you, as well as the company as a whole. When it comes to security for your business or organization, simplify your security system without sacrificing protection by installing a business burglar alarm system from Secure Pacific.

Verified security systems from Secure Pacific increase business protection without adding to the roles and responsibilities of management. Our team of experts will work with you to create a custom security system that meets the unique needs of your business. A verified burglar alarm system from Secure Pacific can include the following technologies:

Verisafe® verified intruder detection
Verisafe® Audio verification
Verisafe® Video verification
Keyless entry systems
Fire detection systems
Environmental monitoring systems
Commercial intercom systems
Business burglar alarms and intruder detection

By partnering with Secure Pacific, in addition to receiving a custom alarm system that is easy to install and integrate, your business will also receive 24 hour monitoring 7 days a week from our Verification Center. This around- the- clock monitoring provides you with a team of trained operators capable of verifying an alarm and dispatching the police if assistance is needed, or resetting the system if it is determined to be false. Place your trust in the Secure Pacific Verification Center Team and rest easy knowing that you can focus on running your business while Secure Pacific operators concentrate on protecting it.

Although Secure Pacific will take over the role of 24 hour monitoring, you can still keep commercial security in your hands with remote monitoring technology. Our web-based, remote monitoring options allow you to see video surveillance footage on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Now you can stay in the loop and keep an eye on your business even when you’re on the go.

Take steps to simplify business processes and increase company security by contacting Secure Pacific today! We will help you get started with a free security assessment and consultation.