Are you paying someone to put you in danger?

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Excuse me, what did you say? I’m supposed to do what? Traditional (non-verified) alarm monitoring companies put their customers in unsafe and awkward circumstances that generally elicit that response.  When an alarm that is being monitored by a traditional alarm company goes off, the monitoring company calls the affected owner or manager and then ASKS the customer how they want to respond to the alarm.  Huh?  Isit really supposed to happen like this? Why are customers paying monthly fees every month to traditional alarm monitoring companies just so that the customers are then put into the position of having to decide whether to have the police dispatched or to go investigate an alarm themselves?  These options pose two serious problems – 1) False Alarms – Customers can be charged false alarm fines for having law enforcement dispatched to false alarms.  Police also become conditioned to expect alarms to be false and prioritize how they respond to emergency calls. 2) DANGER – customers can place themselves in extremely dangerous situations when investigating the cause of alarms themselves – there really could be a criminal, or even worse, criminals, at their home or business.  Unless you’re Neo from the Matrix, there is no guarantee that you will be safe when investigating alarms yourself! “THANK YOU!”  –  This is the response the Secure Pacific team elicits from its customers!  Why?  Because Secure Pacific provides Verified Security Monitoring services to its customers.  The guessing game is obsolete, worthless, and dangerous.  With Secure Pacific, there is no guessing whether or not an alarm is false or real. Through video or audio verification, Secure Pacific can protect your home, business, assets, and most importantly LIVES! Contact Secure Pacific immediately to gain the level of protection you deserve for your home, business, and family!   You are not Neo. You need a security company that watches your back.