Cameras For Security: Do You Really Know What You Have?

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“I already have a security system. See my cameras?” I hear this multiple times throughout the day, everyday. As a consultant, it is my responsibility to educate individuals about security, and help them make the right decisions about what they need. There are many reasons cameras are great, but they are not great security. are great for looking back at business, or to see how an employee got hurt on the job – they are great for anything that doesn’t need immediate police response. With a basic camera system, there is no device to trigger an alarm, so if no one is around, things go unnoticed. Unless you hire someone, or take it upon yourself, to watch live feed 24/7, there is no way to guarantee that you will ever be able to see an actual crime in progress; and even if there is someone watching the live feed, there is room for error. Think of a bodybuilder training for a competition…he eats healthy food, lifts heavy weights, does loads of cardio, and looks as if he is in the best shape ever, but he knows something is still missing – this is where supplements come into play. Ask anyone in the fitness industry about supplements and they will explain to you that there are some additional things our body needs that we can’t always get from eating healthy. Take a vitamin lately? Once these supplements are added into the diet, more changes and better performance begin to appear.   Now think of cameras used for security…they are great for viewing an incident after the fact. You can look back at previously recorded video and see “that guy in the black hooded sweatshirt” (can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that description) taking all of your precious belongings. Wouldn’t it be nice to catch “that guy” in the act? It seems like something is missing doesn’t it? Think of Secure Pacific’s intruder alarm systems as a great “supplement” to a basic camera system. There is no need to get rid of a security camera system when it is working just fine, but there is a very strong need to supplement it. Using Secure Pacific’s motion viewer technology, you can catch the criminals in the act. When one of the motion viewers is “tripped,” our operators receive a ten second video clip, and they can then verify the alarm and determine if it is valid or a false. Because of this immediate confirmation, the police are able to respond very quickly, and apprehend the individuals committing the crime. Wouldn’t it be nice to look back at your cameras and view the criminals being apprehended because of your verified security system?