Can you afford DIY security?

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Would you ever perform surgery on yourself? Then why would you consider a do it yourself security system?

Sure a do it yourself security system seems good when you compare the prices, but the considerations you need to make are…

  1. Who is going to monitor your “Do It Yourself” system? You or a neighbor?
  2. Will you be able view your system remotely or is the system recording to a DVR?
  3. Will your “Do It Yourself” system e-mail or text you real time when an intrusion occurs?
  4. Does your “Do It Yourself” system come with guarantees?

Consider a “Verified” security system instead. The upfront cost may be a little more, but the overall value and savings is greater.

  1. Verified security systems give you the home or business owner “Verified” Peace of Mind by monitoring your security system 24/7/365.
  2. In most cases the verified security system will allow you the home or business owner the ability to access your camera system or alarm system with a smart phone, or other hand held electronic device.
  3. A true Verification Center has the ability to e-mail and/or text you if an alarm event has taken place.
  4. And last but not least, a true Verified Security Company will offer a tremendous guarantee to back up not only the verified security system, but the company’s ability to verify an intrusion to give you “Verified” Peace of Mind.

To sum it up, you wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself, you would let a doctor handle that task. Let the folks at Secure Pacific Corporation handle the task of installing and monitoring your “Verified” Security System. Let Secure Pacific Corporation, provide you Verified Peace of Mind!