Can your burglar alarm company do this?

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Barely into 2013 and Secure Pacific Corporation has already assisted law enforcement agencies across the Pacific Northwest with the apprehension of 13 burglars.  Law enforcement agencies respond quicker to a verified alarm call. 

When protecting a business, construction jobsite, government facility or a residence, verified security is the only way to go.  Our technology and our Verification Center gives us a leg up on our competition and the bad guys.  We continue to assist local police departments in apprehending criminals and protect our customers facilities.  Within seconds of the intrusion, Secure Pacific’s alarm system sends audio and/or video to our “Verification Center®” and our local professional operators immediately contact the authorities.  

Verified security is what we do; other companies say they can do it, but we prove we can do it with apprehensions.  How many apprehensions has the competition assisted with this year?  Good question… most likely the answer is zero.

If you are looking for an alarm system that “really” works and assists law enforcement officers in apprehending the “bad guy”, contact Secure Pacific Corporation at 877-837-4723 to schedule your free security consultation.