Preparing for a More Secure Winter

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Brrrrr … the weather forecast this morning calls for snow above 1000 feet.

I know, right? I’m not ready either.

But ready or not, here winter comes. You can’t put off your facility’s cold weather preparation projects any longer. While you’re at it, add these items to your winterization “to do” list to help increase facility security. Your company and employees will benefit and you’ll enjoy a more peaceful winter season over the chilly winter months.

Get By With a Little Help From Your Plans

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Hooray for winter! Last night’s blustery weather reminded me winter is just around the corner. Along with all the fun this time of year brings (visions of days spent shooshing down Mt. Hood dance through my head), come risks, too.

Due to the relative mild Pacific Northwest winters, we tend to be a bit lax when it comes to preparing for severe storms. However, we do usually get at least one serious arctic blast that brings our cities to a halt and put people, pets and property at risk.

Buck the trend and take action today. A little time dedicated to preparation now will make a big difference between enjoying a winter wonderland and suffering through a wicked weather event.

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