Caught on Camera: Best Practices for Installing Video Surveillance Systems

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Installing a video surveillance system may seem daunting at first, but luckily for you, Secure Pacific and our team of security experts are here to help you determine how to best protect your home or business. There are a few security essentials to consider before installing a video surveillance system and we want to walk you through some of the best practices for installation of a your surveillance system. When considering a video surveillance system, the first thing to mull over is what critical areas need to be covered. In other words, what are the key fields of view and how much square footage can each security camera cover? Choosing optimum mounting locations can make all the difference for coverage and visibility. Consider the range and quality of a surveillance camera before choosing a mounting location. Make sure there are no blind spots, and when possible, have overlapping fields of view to ensure maximum security coverage. Once the most effective locations have been determined for your business or home video surveillance (and don’t worry, we can help you with making that decision), it’s time to install the actual surveillance cameras. At Secure Pacific, our video surveillance camera systems communicate wirelessly and only require a 110V outlet, making installation a snap. Our security camera systems are also discreet and will provide maximum security coverage without altering the appearance of your home or business. It is a good idea to install the security cameras in areas with adequate lighting, or to add lighting fixtures as needed. Surveillance cameras operate best in lighted areas, but burglars hate the light, so when possible, install surveillance cameras in lighted areas or reduce the fields of view of the cameras to account for lower visibility at night. Motion lights are a great idea for indoor and outdoor surveillance systems because movement will trigger the light and brighten the field of view for the camera. Along with video surveillance,  around-the-clock monitoring should be considered to quickly assess and catch threats. Secure Pacific’s Verification Center Team and our suite of video verification products monitor images and audio to verify threats or emergencies and call the police, as well as prevent false security alarms. Our verification team constantly analyzes video content in real time to assess threats and quickly acquire police response. With certain Secure Pacific business  and home surveillance camera systems, you can also have a hand in monitoring your wireless security system. With our video surveillance, you can choose to receive an e-mail or text message when an event occurs giving you the ability to log in to your system and see what is causing the alarm trigger. It’s as simple as an installing an app on your phone or other hand held devices, and receiving an email in your inbox. So remember, before installing a video surveillance security system; consider location, mounting, visibility, monitoring, and verification.