Caught Red Handed: Confirmed Apprehensions in January & February

AdpearanceArrests & Apprehensions

Verified security systems work. Due to an influx of false alarms, police have been giving preference to alarm system triggers that can be accurately verified. Thanks to our team, we’ve successfully documented recent apprehensions—these arrests undoubtedly saved business owners time, money, and stress. 

In the first two months of this year, our apprehension record is dotted with successful trespassing and vandalism arrests for our construction and grocery store clients.

In January, we aided in the arrest of 6 burglars in Seattle, Tacoma and Renton. All suspects were found breaking in to various construction sites by hopping the fences surrounding the sites. Little did they know the premises had a burglary alarm system and were under 24/7 surveillance.

In February, Secure Pacific Operators successfully worked with local authorities to confirm 3 arrests in Seattle, and 2 in Portland. Similar to January, the offending trespassers were apprehended from construction sites after gaining entry by hopping the surrounding fences.

On February 19, a Puget Sound Secure Pacific Operator successfully aided in the arrest of a trespasser who scaled the scaffolding of a construction site in the middle of the day—2pm. Thanks to alarm monitoring and Secure Pacific’s intrusion detection system, the suspect was removed from the site and arrested for trespassing.

Days later, a Secure Pacific Operator successfully verified an intrusion at a well-known online retailer’s Seattle Headquarters, at 10:45pm—long after operations at the HQ would have closed for the day. When the alarm sounded at two different locations, the Operator was able spot a trespasser on site and quickly alert local authorities.

Through the end of February, Secure Pacific’s apprehension count is holding strong at 11 arrests thanks to the hard work and quick thinking of our Operators and video verification. For more information on how you can secure your construction site, small business, or headquarters, contact us today for a free security assessment