Choosing an alarm for your business

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Indoor, outdoor, monitored, non-monitored, video, audio, verified, non-verified……. With so many types of alarm systems and companies on the market, making a decision on which one to choose can be quite a job in itself. Even though the decision and research are tough, it is very important to get it right. Some alarm companies on the market require the customer to self test the alarm system weekly and report back to their monitoring center.  If the test isn’t completed, the alarm company holds you accountable.  I personally have spoken with quite a few business owners who had burglaries and the alarm system didn’t function correctly, and when they contacted their alarm company, the company informed them that their system has been off line for months.  Really?  The bad thing is, there is nothing you as the customer can do, because when you signed your contract, you agreed to their terms and conditions.   While researching the industry, contact a few alarm companies and ask them to allow you to review contract terms and conditions.  If you don’t agree with the terms and conditions, don’t go with that company.
There are a few alarm companies on the market that actually put the customer first, perform systems checks regularly, notify the customer of problems and go out and fix the challenge. Secure Pacific Corporation is one of those companies.  When you choose to go with the best, you choose Secure Pacific, not just for the verified alarm system, but the customer service and the guarantees you receive from our organization. Secure Pacific Corporation offers their customers a “Verified Peace of Mind Guarantee” that is unheard of in the alarm industry.   • Secure Pacific offers a full, unconditional refund of your installation fee if, for any reason, at six months after installation you are dissatisfied with our system.  Secure Pacific will take responsibility to remove the system from your business or home in a professional, workman-like manner. • Secure Pacific extends a full service warranty for normal maintenance on all equipment and labor for as long as Secure Pacific provides your monitoring services. • Secure Pacific guarantees the arrival of a service technician, on-site, within two (2) hour of your emergency service request, within our normal service area.  Secure Pacific will pay you $50.00 if we do not respond within this time frame. • For systems with Verisafe® technology, Secure Pacific will pay up to $5,000 of any losses incurred to your business or home if an undetected forced entry occurs and the proper authority is not notified.  This is in addition to any insurance you may have.  Please refer to our Warranty Program for a full description. • For systems with Verisafe® technology, should you receive a false alarm fine due to a Secure Pacific dispatch and not caused by a system user, your telephone service provider or an Act of God, Secure Pacific will represent your interests in getting the fine voided or we will pay the fine. Even though the research is tough, the decision shouldn’t be. If you want the best product and service for the dollars spent, choose Secure Pacific Corporation. For a free no obligation security consultation, give us a call at: 877-837-4723