Choosing the Right Security System for Your Business

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For most small business owners, choosing the right security system to protect their company assets can be a little stressful. The information below may make choosing the right security system a little easier.

Knowing that 98% of all burglar alarms received by law enforcement are false alarms, it is imperative to choose not only the right company, but the right security alarm system for the business.

Due to the high rate of false alarms, more and more cities and counties across the Pacific Northwest require some sort of alarm verification before a police response is warranted. Depending on the city/county, this could mean an eye witness, audio verification, video verification or a combination of audio/video verification. Before the small business owner signs on with an alarm company, it is imperative they check the local “False Alarm Ordinance”.

Checking the False Alarm Ordinance should be a top priority for the business owner before inviting a security company to the business for a consultation. This allows the business owner the opportunity to select an alarm company that will tailor a security system not only to the business, but to meet the local alarm ordinance.

To eliminate or reduce false alarms and false alarm responses by law enforcement, small business owners should consider a burglar alarm with verification features. Verification alarm systems have features allowing audio verification, video verification or a combination of audio/video verification.

One may ask… “How does the verification alarm system work?”

In simple terms, the verification alarm system is triggered by an intrusion, once the system is triggered, if audio verification is present, a “listen back” device is activated and the Security Company Verification/Monitoring Center has the ability to listen to the intrusion in real time. If the event is determined a burglary, the Verification Center Operator will contact the police and report a crime in progress. With video verification, the camera system is triggered and the Verification Operator can watch the crime in progress and call the police and report the method of verification. In either case, audio or video verification, when the Verification Center Operator contacts the police dispatcher, they are reporting an actual “Crime in Progress”, which typically means the police will set a “Priority” Dispatch.

Knowing that police departments respond at a greater rate with a priority dispatch to verified alarms, the decision to install a verified alarm over non-verified alarm should be an easy decision for the business owner. Choosing the company to provide the alarm system and verification service is a little more challenging.

When choosing an alarm company to provide verification service for ones small business, a few questions should be asked and answered.

  • How long has the company been providing verification service?
  • How many apprehensions has the verification center assisted law enforcement with?
  • Is the verification center local?
  • What is the reputation of the alarm company?
  • How do police feel about the company?
  • Will the company provide testimonial letters from existing customers/police departments?
  • What types of warranties/guarantees does the company provide?

Obviously there are additional questions that can be asked based on the comfort level of the small business owner, but if the questions asked are answered to satisfaction… It’s time to set a date for installation.