Secure Pacific helps police catch two construction site intruders

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Just after 1 p.m. last night, Kris Etheridge, an operator at Secure Pacific’s Verification Center, received notification of a tripped motion sensor at a Sellen construction site in South Lake Union. With Secure Pacific’s Verisafe technology installed onsite, Kris was able to see in real time all corners of the construction area.

Two men set off the armed motion detection system when they jumped a gate to enter. From that moment on, Kris was able to watch their movement and provide to-the-moment reporting to Seattle police, whom she dispatched immediately after spotting the men.

It appears that the suspected trespassers needed to make a pit-stop before exploring the site—recorded video from our Verification Center shows them entering a portable toilet near the gate.

After answering nature’s call, the suspects began climbing a large crane just as police were getting to the site, only minutes after receiving the dispatch.

Police spotted the pair on the crane and began to surround the site. As more forces, including K-9, encircled the area, the suspects eventually climbed down and attempted to hide between two nearby buildings.

K-9 easily tracked the suspects down and police arrested them at the University of Washington Medical Center building near Dexter Avenue and Mercer Street.

See what Kris saw: