Apprehension: Memorial Day Trespasser Stopped in His Tracks Thanks to Construction Site Alarm System

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Who: Operator Joe and Portland PD What: One suspected trespasser in custody When: May 27, 2013 at 5 a.m. Where: A construction jobsite in Portland, OR. How: Joe was diligently monitoring accounts on Memorial Day when he received activations from the construction site alarm system installed at a site in Portland. The video verification technology allowed Joe to see someone walking around on the site, so Joe dispatched police. A few minutes later, the officer called back and requested that a representative from the job site respond, as they had apprehended one individual. Just from looking at the photo or the watching the video clips below, it is apparent that this job site is full of both valuable pieces of equipment and dangerous materials. It was still dark when the trespasser came on site, so it could have been very easy for him to accidentally fall, causing injury to himself and even potential insurance liability issues to the PM or construction firm. By choosing to protect this site with a construction site alarm system, the site superintendent or project manager made a wise choice in protecting their equipment, subcontractors and timelines. See the footage below! Find out what a difference it could make for you by downloading the free ebook below.