Construction job site security

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Ask any General Contractor (GC) where the biggest losses on a job site come from and they will likely tell you from theft of tools and construction materials like lumber, fuel and copper or from vandalism. Until recently GCs had to factor those losses into bids. Not anymore. Secure Pacific Corp offers a job site verified security solution to assist in loss prevention and job site vandalism prevention. The system we provide is totally wireless, requires no electrical, no phone line and no long term contracts. The solution sends real-time video clips of a crime in progress to our state-of-the-art Verification Center® where the video is analyzed by trained professionals and the crime in progress reported to local law enforcement. This cost saving solution to a security guard service is saving GCs money on projects and deterring criminals from targeting specific job sites. If reducing job site theft and vandalism are of interest to you and your team, contact Secure Pacific Corp for a free on site consultation for a job site verified security system. View our system in action and see images that led to a police dispatch at a Washington Complete Construction site near Seattle Washington.