Another construction site trespasser caught!

AdpearanceArrests & Apprehensions

At 9:30 on Saturday night, one of our expert operators received multiple motion alarms at a construction site in Hillsboro. She dispatched police and alerted the site’s emergency contact. As police arrived, they heard loud banging noise. Another motion sensor was set off and the operator was able to see a woman wearing a white shirt and blue jeans covering her face with her hands as she walked past a security camera. The woman was quickly found by K-9 and detained.

Police later released the woman from custody after consulting the employee, who had seen the woman near the site frequently and suspected that mental health issues may have been behind her actions.

The operator's quick thinking back in the Verification Center, combined with Secure Pacific's established relationship with police, meant a reduced risk of harm both to the site and to the woman herself.