Construction Site Trespassing & Liability | Seattle Arrest

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  Minta, the same operator responsible for the detection of two suspects at a Seattle job site over the weekend, dispatched Seattle PD to a very-popular-with-criminals Ballard job site last night after using video verification to determine that a trespasser was on the site. She could see a man walking, followed by a police officer searching the site. She did hear back from the primary officer that one person was arrested for trespassing. Liability can be a big concern for contractors and construction firms. Even if a person enters their site illegally, such as the suspect from last night, the firm can be liable for any injuries to the trespasser. When you think of damages and losses on job sites, typically what comes to mind is theft of wires, copper and tools. Injuries and lawsuits, however, can pose major setbacks and financial constraints to a project. Maintaining a safe workplace for subcontractors and laborers is critical to minimizing worker injury and lawsuits, but it can seem harder for project managers and superintendents to prevent trespassing. Video verified electronic security can be a great way to not only prevent theft but keep all kinds of trespassers out by getting a fast police response. Watch the video from the dispatch!