Construction Site Trespassing: Not a Good Idea for a Date

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Summer nights, with warm weather, outdoor seating at restaurants and a late sunset, can be perfect for romantic dates in Portland. Strolling through a park or down a street busy with nightlife can be a good way to get to know someone knew. Another way to get to know someone? Getting apprehended by police with them. Last night, Verification Center Operator Madison received video alarm activations from the construction jobsite alarm at a site in Hillsboro, Ore. She could see a young guy and girl walking through the site and dispatched Portland PD because, date night or not, trespassing is trespassing and we make a promise to our clients that we won’t allow any unauthorized people into their property. The officers later called back and reported that they had escorted both suspects off site. Maybe next time the lovebirds will opt for a moonlit walk on the waterfront instead of a fenced-off and alarmed construction site. Though a police intervention may be one of the worst endings to a date you can think of, the suspects could have gotten seriously injured on equipment or nails or accidentally caused damage to the site, resulting in delays or expenses for our client. So far this year, we have helped law enforcement officials in Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and other cities in the region apprehend nearly 30 people in the act of trespassing or burglary. For more information about putting a stop to construction site intrusion, download our free ebook below! Be sure to watch the video clip that prompted Madison to dispatch as well!