Labor Day Construction Apprehension

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Just after midnight on Labor Day, Kris Etheridge received motion activations on the southwest staircase of a Bothell construction site. The activity triggered the motion detector viewing software, allowing Kris to see two people inside. One was heading upstairs while the other stayed at the foot of the stairs, possibly to be a lookout. Kris immediately dispatched the Snohomish County Sheriff and called the emergency employee contact.

She then received another motion alarm at the west corner of the second floor and saw the man walking towards the motion viewer device. She alerted police to his location within the site and was able to give them a better physical description of his appearance.

Not surprisingly, the police caught and detained the two men.

Making this apprehension especially unique to Secure Pacific was the fact that the emergency contact was able to watch the police apprehend the men on his own home computer, using a Secure Pacific jobsite progress remote viewing camera mounted on a building adjacent to the site.

Click to watch footage from this construction site apprehension!