Construction Site Video Alarm Systems : Trust the Experts

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My phone rings…”Mark Losh of Secure Pacific, how may I help you?” “Mark, Joe here, I got your name from my electrical sub, he says you can stop theft on my site. We got hit again last night: 2,000 ft of Baloney Cord gone. Second time in two weeks. Can you come see me today? I gotta stop this now. So far I have lost over $8,000.” “Joe, I can be there in an hour; where is your site located?” This goes on week after week. I get a call because another site got hit. Unlike traditional burglar alarms or live guard services, Secure Pacific construction site video alarm systems minimize false alarms and never sleep on the job. We help police make arrests and recover your stolen property That’s why job sites across the Pacific Northwest have our security systems. We are ready to save you money and lost time, as well as equipment, tools and supplies you need on site to complete your project. It is going to happen…want to gamble on when and how much they get? Secure Pacific, serving the Pacific Northwest in construction site video alarm systems.