Construction Site Crime vs. Secure Pacific

AdpearanceArrests & Apprehensions

Secure Pacific’s verified construction site security systems paid huge dividends for two of our local customers this weekend.    On October 28, two of our customers’ construction job sites in Seattle were hit by would-be thieves, one in North Seattle and one in West Seattle.  Strategically placed sensors picked up the intruders’ movement and sent an immediate live video surveillance footage to operators in our locally monitored Verification Center.  The operators saw people roaming on the sites and immediately dispatched police. The immediate silent alarm coupled with the professionalism of our Verification Center operators led to the arrest of three suspects at two sites for burglary. Our Verification Center operators provided the Seattle Police dispatcher with detailed information about the crimes in progress–even down to what the suspects were wearing– and were able to guide the officers through each structure. The outstanding response time of the Seattle Police Department proved extremely valuable, as they were able to catch all the suspects and prevent loss to our customers’ job sites.  As always, our thanks go out to the Seattle Police Department and all that they do for the citizens of Seattle.   Stay tuned for video footage and more details on each apprehension!