Copper Theft Prevention For Businesses

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Copper theft prevention is a key security concern for most businesses. While no burglary is anything less than a devastating event for an organization, copper theft means that not only is something stolen, but entire systems, like HVAC and electricity, can be out for days or weeks at a time and be prohibitively expensive to repair. Rather than try to put the pieces together after copper wiring is stolen, we believe it is better for everyone to prevent the loss in the first place.   Copper theft can occur indoors and outdoors depending on the nature of the business (or government/school/church/etc.). When selecting a security provider to prevent copper theft, it’s important to make sure that they can provide coverage at all vulnerable locations, including those without access to a power supply. It’s probably unreasonable to think that every item with wiring in it can be individually secured; rather, shoot for larger scale protection of an entire area. Copper theft can be a lengthy process, so if law enforcement officials are notified quickly, an apprehension is more likely.   Many business owners go the camera route when looking to deter copper theft. If your goal is simply to stop copper theft in the act by alerting authorities, you do not need fancy high resolution cameras. As long as the footage is good enough to prove that someone is where they shouldn’t be, you have proof of a crime in progress and that will get a police response much faster than just a conventional motion detector or the goose chase that goes on in trying to hunt down a suspect after the fact. After the cameras come the question of who will be monitoring the cameras or system. DIY systems can be less expensive than professionally installed and monitored ones, but they become way pricier when they don’t work when you need them to. High quality systems self-check and are routed directly to professional monitoring centers with a low operator to account ratio. If you are meeting with someone from the security industry to help prevent copper theft, make sure you ask who will be monitoring the account and what their exact steps would be when someone starts trying to steal your wiring.   Our wireless security systems are a great way to prevent copper theft at businesses because they require no power and ensure a priority police response. By capturing low-resolution footage of crimes in progress, they save you money on specs and pixelation while still getting the job done.