Customized Alarm Systems: Don’t Let Burglars Burrow Like Moles!

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Is your business really protected? As a small business owner, you did everything you believed you were supposed to do. You lined up your supply and logistics chains, set up a marketing and sales plan, and hired all the right people to get the business off the ground. You even worked with Alarm Company X to install a security alarm system in your business. Yet when you arrived at the office Monday morning after the weekend, you notice a large hole in the wall coming in from the vacant office space next door. The funny thing is, your Alarm Company X alarm system never went off, but you set the alarm before you left Friday night. Now, there is a huge hole in the wall and half of your inventory is gone. The likely scenario is Alarm Company X sold you a basic cookie cutter alarm system package that did not provide ideal coverage for your business. The criminal/s likely spent a few days casing your business to identify vulnerabilities in your alarm system. The criminal/s then broke into the adjacent unprotected vacant office space, burrowed though the wall like a mole and robbed you of your inventory and peace of mind. Burglars are getting braver, smarter and know how to bypass a lot of Brand X cookie cutter alarm systems.

Here’s where customized alarm systems come in…

At this point you are really angry and have some tough decisions to make. You have to close the business for a while and lose more money to get the wall repaired, restock your inventory, call Alarm Company X to upgrade your alarm system (?) and deal with the insurance company to get reimbursed for your losses. Now is the time to ask yourself, “Do I really want to spend more money with Alarm Company X for an alarm system that didn’t work when I needed it to?” It may be time to research the various types of alarm companies and the types of service they provide. The two basic types of alarm companies are Monitored Non-Verified and Monitored Verified. Verified alarm companies are different than Alarm Company X. The verification system requires a trained security consultant to walk the business with the owner to identify the best custom solution for that specific business; this type of company will not provide a cookie cutter solution for every business, but rather a customized alarm system for each business, legal collective, or construction site. Before you have Alarm Company X come back to “upgrade” your alarm system or have one of their competitors pay a visit, download the free brochure below to learn the questions you should ask any security company representative before purchasing.