Daytime Arrest at a Vacant Tacoma Building

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Dayshift operator Stephany detected an intruder this morning at a vacant commercial office in Tacoma. She was notified of a motion viewer alarm at the top of the stairs at 10:46 and could see a bald man wearing light clothing. She dispatched Tacoma PD, who arrested the suspect. This is apparently the second time in two weeks that the suspect has been arrested after a Secure Pacific dispatch. Securing vacant properties is critical. As you can see in the video clips, the facility where this arrest occurred is full of graffiti on the inside from before our system was installed. While a vacant commercial building likely doesn’t have any equipment of value, it certainly does have wiring that will attract thieves. Transients are also drawn to vacant buildings as places for refuge from the outdoors and can leave behind damage and debris. Protecting vacant spaces from theft means a smoother transition once a tenant moves in, with fewer unpredictable costs.