Don’t let Black Friday turn into Burglar Friday

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As it does for many Americans, Black Friday to me means great deals and a very early beginning to a very long day.  I'm up at 1:00 AM and out the door at 1:30 AM, heading to Cabala’s to stand in line until the doors open at 4:00 AM. 

This is the norm for a lot of American families on Black Friday.  Families abandon the home to go pick up great deals.  The problem is, it creates a great opportunity for a burglar.  Dark, empty homes are big-time targets for burglars.  So what can you do to prevent yourself from being a victim of a Black Friday burglary?  Get an alarm system installed in your home, but not just any alarm system.  Protect yourself, your family and all of your valuables, with the best in home security.  Protect your home with a Secure Pacific Verified home security system.

Don’t let the criminals take what you worked so hard to obtain, contact Secure Pacific for your free home consultation:  800-837-4723.

Watch this news report on Black Friday 2012 from ABC News: