Elicit Fast Police Response with Video Verification Systems

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With 98% of commercial and residential security alarms being false alarms, police departments struggle to deal with the waste of already scarce budget dollars and human resources. Because of the high level of false, unverified alarms, the San Jose police department recently decided to stop responding to burglar alarms unless there was alarm verification. False alarms were taking police officers away from more serious matters, so the department made the decision to trust only verified security alarms.

Secure Pacific offers video verification security systems that go a long way toward preventing false alarms and confirming verified alarms with the police. With verified security from Secure Pacific, when an alarm sounds, our Verification Team assesses whether the alarm is false or not and calls the police with firsthand information. Alarms that are verified with the police elicit a faster response because police know that the alarm is real and prioritize the call. This verification and quick response saves valuable time and can potentially result in the burglar being apprehended in the act. Video monitoring from Secure Pacific comes with a 24/7 guarantee in order to keep your residence or commercial property safe around the clock.

For auto shops, construction sites, or other high-risk properties, video monitoring can provide valuable protection. In the case of an alarm, Secure Pacific commercial security systems can verify a break-in and quickly alert the police. This fast response by monitoring experts can result in the arrest of suspects and prevention of damages from lost or stolen goods.

When it comes to securing your home or business, choose the security company that comes with a Peace of Mind Guarantee Program. Secure Pacific video verification surveillance systems give you the assurance that your home or business is safe from false alarms while closely being monitored for threats. Visit the Secure Pacific website to learn more about our security essentials and options for your unique security needs.