Environmental Monitoring for Businesses

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When you walk into a business for the first time with security on your mind, it’s easy to guess what the most valuable item in the building is: a high-end piece of equipment, a case of gold jewelry, the cash register. When you ask a business owner what she or he is most concerned about, however, the answer is often surprising. For many business owners, what keeps them up at night with worry is not the most visible item of value in their store or office; it’s something more discrete, such as file cabinets or hard drives with confidential information, safes, or keys to vehicles. They know that if that item goes missing or is damaged, their business may never recover. Aside from worrying about inside jobs from disgruntled employees who know the ins and outs of the business, we know business owners worry about burglars, floods, fires, power outages and much more. Environmental monitoring for businessesYou undoubtedly already have a fire alarm (if it’s not currently being monitored, we highly recommend it), and intrusion detection is the most obvious way to safeguard your possessions as a business owner, but environmental monitoring for water and temperature are also very important. A burglar alarm can protect something from being stolen, but it can’t protect against a leak that floods the stockroom overnight or a malfunction in the HVAC system that causes the server to overheat. Environmental monitoring for businesses means that you have one less thing to worry about. We monitor temperature, fire, water and carbon monoxide for businesses all around Portland, Seattle and Boise. As soon as something goes awry, our trained operators know about it and act. They immediately notify the proper authorities and let you know. By monitoring 24/7, there is never a lapse in your protection and you won’t worry about arriving to work to find your business interrupted.