False Alarm Prevention for Employees

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False alarms are the most common downside of security alarm systems. While motion detectors are a large source of those false alarms, simple human error is usually to blame. I recently learned first hand just how many errors are possible with even an advanced alarm system. On Sunday, I stopped by the Portland office for a quick errand. I always call our Verification Center in advance when I come to the office on the weekends, just to let them know that I’ll be there, but this time I did not. Since I was not planning on going inside (I only needed to get into an outdoor shed behind the office), I did not go through our designated entry and exit door, but instead presented my fob to the outdoor fence reader, which did not disarm the system. Long story short, my logic was flawed and a Verification Center operator sent a manager to check out the situation after reporting that she saw an unfamiliar blond woman in the gated parking lot. This embarrassing incident proved that even knowledgeable system users can make mistakes. From now on, I know that I must always use the designated door to disarm the system before going anywhere else on the property. Employees at businesses with alarm systems can be intimidated by a system they do not fully understand, leading to avoidance to coming in early or staying late or to an increase in false alarms from improper use. We recommend multiple training and review sessions for all employees who have a user code or fob. Our customer service team is happy to schedule additional training times to go over both basic questions and more complex scenarios you may have. All employees should know which door to enter and exit when the system is armed and should have the number for our Verification Center programmed into their cell phones in case any questions arise. You should also make it clear that all lost fobs and key cards should be reported to the Verification Center immediately to prevent any breech in security. Protecting your facility is a big job and one that requires a commitment from everyone who uses your alarm system.