What a Hassle: False Alarms in the Retail Industry

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Before coming to work for Secure Pacific, I was like most of you who had no idea of what ‘Verified Security’ was, what it did, or how it was different from the traditional alarm systems that blanket the market today.  Before Secure Pacific, I spent 5 years working as a sales manager for a large sporting goods retailer.  To this day I still remember the hassle that our retail security system gave us on a daily basis. There was not a month that went by that we didn’t have at least one false alarm go off in the middle of the night.  Being a manager and on the call list for the alarm I would receive a phone call in the middle of the night waking me up, or in the after hours interrupting time spent with friends and family.  I was required to drive to the store and respond to the alarm to turn it off.  These events got really old, really fast; especially when not a single alarm in 5 years was for an actually intrusion, only false alarms. Along with the false alarms during the hours that the store was not open was the fact that our system’s alarm for the cash office would go off in the middle of the day with nobody even relatively close to the door of the safe room.  We would then have to rush to run into the back room and turn the alarm off so our customers were not annoyed by the loud siren piercing their eardrums.  If you think that is bad, our security provider would also never follow up those cash office alarms with a phone call to ensure everything was ok.  So if there were to be an actual break in to our safe room, the authorities would not have been notified. A simple solution to all of those issues we faced on a daily basis would have been a verified retail security system like the kind we provide here at Secure Pacific.  We use specialized equipment that incorporates either video or audio based verification to know what exactly is going on when an alarm is triggered.  By either hearing or seeing the event in progress our highly trained operators can determine if there is an actual threat, or if it is a false alarm.  In the event of a false alarm we can remotely reset the system so the business owners’ lives do not get interrupted constantly when they don’t need to be.  Along with that, in the event of an actual break in, we can contact the authorities immediately and provide the fastest response to stop any crime in progress. Looking back on my time in the retail industry a lot of time and hassle could have been avoided if our company had a ‘Verified Security System’.  Had I known of the products and services of Secure Pacific at the time I would have lobbied heavily to make the switch.  I encourage every business or home owner, big or small to take a second look at ‘Verified Security’; give us a call and see how we can provide you and your business or residence ‘Verified Peace of Mind’.