Trick or Treat….Another False Alarm

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  It’s Halloween and the spooky critters are out.  As spooky as they may be, are you really concerned about the resident squirrels scurrying across your fenced yard or the creepy fluffy kitties lounging on a counter?  No?  Then why are traditional alarm-monitoring companies calling their customers in the middle of the night each time one of these adorable, yet apparently terrorizing, critters activates a motion sensor?  Oh…that’s right.  It’s because they don’t VERIFY what set the alarm off! Someone once told me that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  If you don’t like being disturbed by false alarms, call Secure Pacific.  If you don’t like false alarm fines, call Secure Pacific.  If you don’t like personally investigating an alarm and possibly putting yourself in danger, call Secure Pacific. The Secure Pacific team offers an outstanding verified alarm monitoring service that provides the results that you desire and should expect from an alarm monitoring company.  Whether you need protection for your home, office, store, garage, construction site, or haunted cabin, you are guaranteed Peace of Mind with Secure Pacific’s Verisafe Solutions…..except for the haunted cabin (Call Ghostbusters). Before the next full moon, contact Secure Pacific for a free security consultation.  Happy Halloween!