FAQ: Prioritized Response Policies for Police Departments Across the U.S.

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Of course, everyone knows that police respond to emergency calls before non-emergency calls. However, did you know that in some cities, police no longer respond to alarm owners that have had too many false alarms? This is called a prioritized response policy.

Although this is a frightening thought, Secure Pacific has the solution. Police departments with prioritized response policies will still respond to alarms of alarm owners that have reached their false alarm maximum, if the alarm owner has concrete evidence that a crime is being committed.

What is considered concrete evidence? The best method is through verified security video. Secure Pacific’s commercial security systems are the perfect answer. Instead of simply recording a break-in, our verified response experts monitor and act quickly to alert law enforcement when a threat is at hand. With the power of a video alarms system, you can rest assured that your call will always be prioritized by the police. Furthermore, our talented Verification Center Operators update the police while they are on their way about the situation at your home.

With our remote video monitoring security systems, both police and alarm system owners are safer. The police are more informed because they know what they are getting into, and alarm owners get their calls placed on the highest priority. Guarantee an immediate response by making sure your emergency call is priority one with Secure Pacific’s video solutions. For more information about our efficient video solutions that are a win-win for all, please feel free to contact Secure Pacific today.