FIVE. 2012 Apprehension Countdown

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Top Apprehension #5 of 2012 

Who: Operator Jessica & Portland Police

What: 1 suspected trespasser in custody

When: November 28 at 12:11 a.m.

Where: Portland, Ore.

How: Jessica, an operator in our Verification Center, dispatched Portland Police to a construction site with a Secure Pacific security system located just down the road from our Portland office. She received an alarm from a motion-activated security camera at the south courtyard entrance and was able to see a man walking onsite. As police were on their way, Jessica also saw the man climbing under a fence at another part of the site. The police later confirmed that the suspect was in custody for trespassing. While trespassing seems more benign than vandalizing or burglary, it poses serious hazards to not only the trespasser but the construction site as well. At Secure Pacific, we love keeping intruders out and keeping clients and their neighbors safe. 


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