44 Points for Greater Family & Home Security

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You can take action today to better protect your home and ensure your family’s safety. This comprehensive 44-point assessment from Secure Pacific will help you give attention to features that could make your home an attractive target for bad guys. Highlight your “no” answers, then create and prioritize your action plan.

Your Neighborhood

  • Do you know your neighbors, including all occupants?
  • Is there effective and adequate lighting in your neighborhood and can neighbors see your home?
  • Do you ask a trusted neighbor to watch your house if you are going to be gone overnight?
  • Do you ask a trusted neighbor to pick up newspapers, mail and other deliveries, to maintain your lawn or remove snow when you are going to be gone for an extended period of time?
  • Do you belong to a Neighborhood Watch program?
  • Do you notify your Neighborhood Watch block captain when you’re going to be out of town?

Your Home’s Exterior

  • Is your house number visible (clearly posted and well-lit) from the street with numbers at least 3” high?
  • Are all sides of the home protected by vandal resistant security lighting located out of reach?
  • Are all exterior entrances lit, with at least a 40 watt bulb?
  • Do you leave your front and back porch lights on every night, whether you are home or away?
  • Are shrubs, bushes and other landscaping within four feet of any home sidewalks, driveways, doors or gates two feet or less in height?
  • Are trees located or trimmed so that they cannot be used to gain access to an upper level of the home?
  • Has decorative rock or stone been used as ground cover near the home so that it makes noise when someone walks on it?
  • Do you secure items such as bikes, lawn mowers and ladders at night or when no one is home?
  • Do you leave a spare house key with a trusted neighbor rather than hidden under a doormat or in a planter?

Your Home’s Doors

  • Since you moved in, have you replaced or rekeyed the door locks?
  • Are your entrance doors (including the door between the garage and house) solid core and strong enough to withstand excessive force?
  • Do your door frames fit snugly around your exterior doors?
  • Are the strike plates and frames strong enough to withstand excessive force?
  • Is there a wide-angle viewer installed in your front and back doors?
  • Are all outside doors equipped with single cylinder dead-bolt locks with at least a 1” throw?
  • Are door locks that can be opened from the inside at least 40 inches from glass, a mail slot or a pet door?
  • If the door swings outward, have removable pins been replaced with non-removable pins?
  • Do you routinely lock your home every time you leave, no matter how long?
  • Do your basement doors have extra protections?
  • Do you close and lock your garage door even if you are home?
  • Do you lock the doors going into the garage from your house or yard?
  • When away for an extended period of time, do you disconnect the automatic garage door opener?
  • Are garage door openers removed from vehicles parked outside the garage?

Your Home’s Windows

  • Do your casement windows work properly?
  • Do you check to see if all windows are locked when you leave the house?
  • Do you put a snugly fitting board or dowel in the inside track of windows and sliding glass doors?
  • Do all your windows have proper locks on them?

Additional Items

  • Do you know the emergency phone numbers for your area?
  • If you have small children, have you taught them what to do and how to ask for help in emergency situations?
  • Do you have an Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) burglary resistant safe?
  • Have you recorded the make, model and serial numbers of all your valuables?
  • Have you photographed items such as jewelry, china and family heirlooms?
  • Do you record and keep in a secure place all your credit card and ATM numbers, together with phone numbers to cancel them should they be lost or stolen?
  • When you are away, do you use automatic timers on lights, TVs and radios in your home to create the appearance someone is home?
  • Do you turn the ringer volume down or off on your telephone when you are away?
  • Do you have working, easily accessible flashlights in your home and car?
  • Do you look in your car, especially the back seat, before you get in?
  • Do you put packages into your car’s trunk rather than on the backseat?

Protecting your home may feel daunting, but working with a Secure Pacific professional gives you the convenience of an experienced partner with practical solutions. We can help you increase your home’s security and would be happy to complete a free security assessment for you. Talk with one of our Security Consultants today, 1.877.837.4723.