FOUR. 2012 Apprehension Countdown

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Top Apprehension # 4 of 2012

Who: Operator Mike & Seattle Police

What: 1 suspected burglar in custody

When: October 28 at 12:13 a.m.

Where: Seattle, Wash. 

How: Mike dispatched Seattle PD to a construction site in central Seattle just after midnight on the 28th after motion-viewing outdoor security cameras showed him live footage of a person walking through the garage area. Mike was able to not only alert the police to the situation, but he also gave them the gate code so that they could enter quickly and apprehend the individual. The emergency site responder later reported that police booked the suspect for burglary.

This apprehension proves how critical verification and quick police response is to stopping burglary– if Mike was not able to tell police that someone was undoubtedly at the site, they might not have arrived as quickly. Once they did arrive, they were able to get in fast and find the individual with stolen property. 

Watch the footage for yourself!