Four Arrests at Seattle Construction Sites

AdpearanceArrests & Apprehensions

June 14 was a big day for dispatching at our Verification Center in Everett. Not long after midnight that Saturday, an Operator received motion viewer activations at the west garage area of a construction job site in Seattle. The Operator could see a person onsite in a light colored hoodie with a backpack. She dispatched the police, who found the suspect and arrested him. At around 4 a.m., the same Operator put in another call to Seattle PD after seeing activity at a different site. Through the motion viewer, she saw a male climbing up a crane ladder, followed by another trip of a different male climbing down. The officers arrived and found the suspects, who were both drunk. A third suspect managed to run away and avoid arrest. On swing shift that afternoon, the supervising Operator was notified of activity at yet another construction site in Seattle. He could see a male on site under the scaffolding and dispatched Seattle PD. The officers found a homeless man sleeping on the site and took him into custody. Verified security for construction sites is an essential part of keeping projects and budgets on track. Crane climbers, sleepers and passers-through pose a safety threat not only to themselves but to the crews who arrive in the morning if pieces of equipment have been moved or damaged. Protect your site with video verified security solutions.