Fresh false alarm solutions

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Statistically on a national scale, 98% of all alarms police are dispatched to are false alarms. What about the alarms that police aren’t dispatched to?

Is that phone call you receive at 3:00 AM from your alarm provider a false alarm? Your alarm went off at 2:30 AM, you get a call at 3:00 AM from your provider asking you what to do, is that a false alarm? Did you go to your business to check it out? Was there anyone there? Chances are it was a false alarm.

The truth of the matter is… False alarms happen all the time, weather it’s an office pet or rodent walking in front of a motion sensor, a power surge or an employee forgetting the code to turn off the alarm. These are all false alarms.

Secure Pacific Corp provides a verified security system tailored to your home or business that allows our operators the ability to see and/or hear inside the facility when the alarm is activated. Once it has been determined the alarm is false, we reset the system. No need to wake you up at 3:00 AM, we just fix the problem and prevent a false alarm.

Would you rather get a phone call or a fine from a false alarm, or work with a security company that does nothing but verified security and prides itself on reducing false alarms?

Statistics can be blurred, how often do you get a phone call from your alarm company and out of those calls, how many times was there a real cause for concern? Think about it for a few minutes and if you are tired of the middle of the night phone calls from your alarm provider, give us a call and we will set up for a free security consultation.