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With more and more home invasion robberies on the rise, doesn’t it make sense to get a security system to protect your family and home?

As reported by KOMO 4 News in Seattle on May 27, 2012, “Intruder shoots, kills homeowner during home invasion”, the most recent home invasion robbery left a homeowner dead and the criminal got away. Read the full story.

Last week, May 22 and 24 there were two separate home invasions of note, one in Spokane and one in Tacoma. According the News Tribune, “Spokane resident battles home invaders with sword”, for invaders entered the home at 3:00 AM. The home invasion in Tacoma was slightly different and more concerning. “Family of 7 held hostage as burglars scour house”, what makes this home invasion more alarming, is the perpetrators had hand guns and there were small children sleeping in the house at the time.

The recent Tacoma home invasion has similarities to a home invasion that took place earlier in the month on May 10, 2012.

Choosing Secure Pacific to protect your family and home makes perfect sense. We offer home security systems that notify our “Verification Center®” if your home has been breached and our monitoring operators can hear inside the home at the time that the alarm is triggered. They dial 911 to inform law enforcement of the crime in progress, which allows a rapid police response. Secure Pacific uses state-of-the-art equipment and has the absolute best verification techniques in the industry. We catch the bad guys! In 2011 our “Verification Center®” assisted local law enforcement in apprehending 257 criminals and as of May 29, 2012, we have assisted in apprehending 67.

Our Security Consultants will help you and your family increase the overall security of your home with tips and tools for crime prevention. Our free home security assessment includes a 44-point inspection.

Let Secure Pacific help you and your family stay safe with our Verified Security Solutions, please contact one of our five local offices for your free security consultation.