Groom Your Yard to Keep Burglars at Bay

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  What’s the number one thing thieves look for when planning a burglary? Easy targets. One way to lessen the likelihood that burglars will target your home is to strategically landscape your yard. Criminals are always looking for ways to go unnoticed. The ideal target is a dimly lit house that’s surrounded by large shrubs, bushes, and trees. This is the kind of landscaping that makes it easy to hide, gain access to your property, and then escape undetected. Here are some summer safety tips on how to groom your yard to keep burglars away and improve your personal safety: 1. Trim your shrubs, hedges, and bushes. When grooming or landscaping your yard, you want to make sure that doors and windows are visible from the street so that intruders are easily visible. If your home has a second floor, trim any trees and large shrubs that a thief can use to gain entry to a second floor window or balcony. Furthermore, be careful of any trellises that are close to your windows as they too can be climbed. 2. A fence keeps thieves from a quick exit. Thieves are always looking for ways to make quick exits. When you have a fence, it can complicate their escape plans, and it keeps them from carrying away large items easily. 3. Plant thorny plants, like roses, next to main windows. Sometimes a bit of prickly landscaping is enough of a deterrent to keep thieves away from your home. An added bonus: they’re a beautiful addition to your garden. 4. Use landscaping lights. These can be very inexpensive, and any kind of lighting blows a burglars cover. It will also make your property more noticeable—the kind of place that’s harder to get in and out of undetected. 5. Put gravel on the ground near windows. Gravel is noisy, and thieves are unlikely to enter a house where they will have to attract a lot of attention to themselves. 6. Make sure your house numbers are printed clearly on your curb. This makes it easier for law enforcement to identify your house in case on an emergency, especially at night. When you use these simple home safety ideas, your home will have a little more protection against burglary this summer. To make your Portland home security plan complete, nothing compares to video surveillance and remote video monitoring. For more information on how to protect your home from a home invasion, click here for a free home security assessment.